Urban Sketching, Inktober, Nibvember, and more…

Every job field has a skillset that needs to be nurtured. To take time and let loose; to grow; to experiment. Some of my favorite ways to challenge myself, to keep my mind fresh, to keep the hand-eye coordination going, and to experiment with new tools is to participate in a variety of drawing groups and styles. My favorites include: Urban Sketching – participating through a Facebook group that I admin, challenging myself through daily prompts to complete ink drawings (InkTober and NibVember), and to plein air paint with watercolor.

* Drawings that have words are very likely drawings of the prompts (as noted in the 2020 InkTober Prompt list image).

Note that I am not the creator/owner of anything Inktober or Nibvember and am not responsible for any creation of the drawing events – I am merely a participant that continues to struggle, year after year, to keep up with daily prompts over a single month’s challenge. Head to the internet or to Facebook and look up the events. You might just be motivated to sign up yourself!

I absolutely love to sketch out in the city. So much in fact that the completed art makes up the bulk of the Studio’s profits. Sure, there are lot of fast sketches that I do that are not anything special and they fall under this skill building section that I am talking about on this page. But once-in-awhile I go way beyond quick sketching and it becomes a memorable moment of city watching. I encourage you to join the group and come sketch with us!

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