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About Us

The adventure began in 2018.

Hi, everyone and thank you for visiting the website of my home-based art studio. My name is Dublin Von Cannon and I am the owner of Urban Artist Florida Studio, LLC, located in the Historic Kenwood District of St. Petersburg, FL. My studio is a member of Artist Enclave of Historic Kenwood.

My husband and I are blessed to live in a neighborhood district that has been approved as an Artist Enclave Overlay District (AEOD). To learn more about what this is, click HERE. We live in a small (non-bungalow) home built approximately 1947 where I am fortunate enough to be able to use a room in our home for this art studio business because of the AEOD.

As to the backstory of why my Studio exists: in 2017, my eldest sister passed away at the young age of 58 years from throat cancer. She fought long and hard and her loss took a toll on the lot of us, family and friends alike. It was her passing that resulted in me and my remaining siblings to really assess what we were doing with our own personal lives. This journey through intense grief, coupled with my having served in Iraq during OIF/OEF (see here for more details), resulted in me making drastic life changes to pursue this Studio. While not easy at all, especially during the onset of the Covid-19 period, it has become one of my life’s most valued endeavors. Whatever your project is, I am grateful that you are considering Urban Artist Florida Studio to complete the work and I am thankful for the education, skills, talent, and passion of which allow me to be an artist.

Furthermore, I thank the City of St. Petersburg, FL for allowing our AEOD to exist in our community, making Historic Kenwood a wonderful neighborhood full of artists and amazing art!

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