FEB 2023 Art: 2023 Florida State Fair Photo Safari

As part of my experience at the 2023 Florida State Fair starting in January, I also competed in the Fair’s Photo Safari. For eleven days of the Fair, I had a photography pass and could go as often as I desired, day or night, weekdays or weekends, to photograph the life of the fair. I submitted 20 photos for jurying as a mix of the following categories:

A. Agriculture (animals) &
Horticulture (plants)
B. Food (still life or people)
C. Rides & Midway
D. The Fair at Night
E. Exhibits & Events
F. Shows & Entertainment
G. Fairscape, General, Other

None of my photos were chosen in 2023 as a winning photograph but submissions were able to be used in marketing by the Fair. My 20 submissions are below.

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